Thursday, July 20, 2017

Celebrate the Small Things 21-7-17

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So what am I celebrating this week?

The kids' vacation finishes today.  I know, that's mean, but any working mother must appreciate how difficult it is to juggle kids, work, writing and everyday life when school is on a break.  Not to mention the kids get bored by the end of 2 weeks.  I have the day off work today to spend with them, so we have a fun day planned.  I just hope the torrential rain that's pounding on the roof stops before too long.

I wrote another chapter of the ghostwriting project and am well into a fourth.  10K here we come!

An Unstill Life has stayed within the top 100 books in its category on Amazon for most of the week since release which is amazing!  One of my colleagues at work is reading it now, which is kind of weird…  Weird, but cool, I guess.

And that's about it from me.  What are you celebrating this week?

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Books I've Read: Searching For Sky

This is one of those books I really enjoyed while I was reading it, but the more I thought about it afterward, the more frustrated by it I got.

Sky and River have grown up on Island, a tropical paradise where every day had a series of chores and rituals and rules to shape it.  Then one day, River spots a boat and the pair are 'rescued'.

With someone who claims to be her grandmother, Sky must learn how to live in modern California.  And the grandmother refuses to let her see or even mention River.

The premise for this book is fantastic.  It's kind of the reverse of those survival stories where people are lost in the wilderness and forced to survive.  And the backstory about how Sky and River came to be on the island in the first place is pretty fascinating.

Yet for me, the book didn't work 100%.  Sky's grandmother didn't ring true to me, and neither did any of the other people surrounding Sky and trying to help her.  This is a girl whose whole life has been lived in seclusion, without any of the things those of us who live in the modern world take for granted.  Yet when she is brought into society, no one bothers to tell her the names for the things she's seeing or what they are used for.  She is allowed to go home with her grandmother without any kind of professional help with decoding the world she now finds herself in.

And what happens to River is a whole different story….

So while I really liked a lot of this book, I didn't believe it and that always leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

But don't just listen to me.  Here's the blurb.

Sky and River have always lived on Island, the only world they've ever known. Until the day River spots a boat. Across Ocean, in a place called California, Sky is separated from River and forced to live with a grandmother she's just met. Here the rules for survival are different. People rely on strange things like cars and cell phones. They keep secrets from one another. And without River, nothing makes sense. Sky yearns for her old life where she was strong and capable, not lost and confused. She must find River so they can return to Island, but the truth behind how they ended up there in the first place will come as the biggest shock of all.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Weekly Goals 17-7-17

Once again, I didn't get as much work done on the ghostwriting project last week as I would have liked.  I'm into the fourth chapter, and when I sit down to work, things flow well, but finding the time and energy to do it is another question!

But I need to get myself moving. The film festival starts in ten days, and I know I won't get much, if anything, written during that two weeks.

And then there's doing marketing and publicity for An Unstill Life which I'm woefully behind on and desperately need to put some time into.

Does anyone have a time-slower or time-stopper I can borrow?  I need about double the number of hours available to me at the moment to be able to do everything I need to do.

What are your goals this week?

Friday, July 14, 2017

Celebrate the Small Things 14-7-17

This post is part of Lexa Cain's bloghop, Celebrate the Small Things. Head on over there to join up!

So what am I celebrating this week?

Book launch!

Yes, An Unstill Life is now available again.  With a new publisher, a new cover, a few new edits and a new dedication.

So for any of you who emailed me, asking where you could get a copy of An Unstill Life, I now have an answer.  Just scroll down a little bit and you'll find buy links….  I'd love if if you'd buy a copy, and I'd love it even more if you left a review after reading.

Available NOW!

When your whole world is falling apart, what are the chances you’ll find love in the most unexpected of places?

Livvie feels like she’s losing everything: her two best friends have abandoned her for their boyfriends, her mother continues to ignore her, while her sister, Jules, is sick again and getting worse by the day. Add in the request Jules has made of her and Livvie feels like she’s losing her mind, too.

Her only escape is in the art room, where she discovers not only a refuge from her life, but also a kindred soul in Bianca, the school “freak”. Livvie’s always felt invisible, at school and at home, but with Bianca, she finally feels like someone sees the real Livvie. As the relationship deepens and it comes time to take the romance public, will Livvie be able to take that step?

Livvie’s about to find out if she has what it takes to make the tough decisions and stand up for herself—for the first time in her life